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Install Asteeg Emoticon To Post Editor

Install Asteeg Emoticon To Post Editor

Hi guys! till remember about install Yahoo Emoticons to post editor likely at this post, How do you feel after do that? feel happy coz you can add this to your post very easy. Or might be you feel boring with them. How if i give you different emoticon like this :ahaha: or :scream: also like this :ayokona:

Feel interesting to install this emoticon to your post editor? Please read till end. However, please remember this tutorial only work at Fire fox not for Internet Explorer and only at Compose not for Edit HTML. Here is the steps :

If you have had doing my previous tutorial at this post, please only click here and then click install and done. Now see your post editor, and you will see your post editor like this :


yahoo and asteeg emoticon


Or this is the full tutorial :

  1. Download firefox here.

  2. Open your firefox.

  3. Install grease monkey here.

  4. Click this script, and than click install.

  5. Go to your template editor, and find this code ]]></b:skin>

  6. Copy and paste following codes and place above of ]]></b:skin>

  7. img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;

  8. Click Save Template button.

  9. Done.


Remember, this is work at Firefox, not for internet explorer.

Beside at my blog, you can read this tutorial at this blog.

See you at my next post. Don't miss it.

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