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Choose The Right Niche For Blog

Choose The Right Niche For Blog

A lot of Blogger that I know have been considering launching a blog of their own, be it for fun, necessity or money, what most of them ask me, however, is in what area or niche to start in. Inspired by their questions I’ve decided to do a write up on the matter, to thoroughly guide anyone that considers opening a new blog, thorough the delicate process of choosing a blog niche. First thing first, let’s do a quick definition of the word niche.

A niche is a certain area of expertise in which you’ll exercise your skills, basically a niche is sorta’ a topic or theme, but no quite. The main difference between a niche and a topic is specialization and focus, which leads to a smaller audience, then the broader topic, but that exact specialization and focus ensures a more loyal readership. As a example you can take the Internet as a topic and Blogging as a niche.

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