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Serious time commitment:

Serious time commitment:

How to build a good blog ..?. If i have to admit i was blindsided because I did not realize this. If you want to build a good blog, want lots of content consumption and add value to the conversation then it is a lot of work.

I only do two posts a week (late Sunday night and Wednesday night). Yet according to my wife (who keeps track of my life better than I can) I am putting atleast 15 – 20 hours a week into this. The breakdown is six or eight hours in writing and refining the posts themselves and around the same time in replying emails from readers or replying to comments on the blog or doing web analysis of my blog data or reading and participating in the ecosystem.

So if you want to be a semi-serious just-a-little-bit-popular blogger do quick check on 1) time availability in your life 2) your willingness to give up on a small number of things you love (like watching Jon Stewart or Iron Chef).

A small additional tip here: If you want a regular audience try to post regularly and if you can stick to a schedule. You can post every ten minutes or every ten days. Having a schedule is a great way to “train” your audience of when to expect new content and for them to plan on when to come visit your blog for fresh content. It is all about the customer

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